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Insights to Outcomes through real-time Innovation, Learning and Work Orchestration 

Customer Agility Framework ™ has soft launched and is now viewable

Customer Agility Framework ™ – Enterprise Agility High Fidelity

The Customer Agility Framework ™ is a new and better way of working

The Customer Agility Framework ™ contains two missing links in organizational lifecycle firstly what work should be done and secondly how can work be qualified as impactful. As Artificial Intelligence becomes pervasive is it serving your organisation or your competitors?“Deciding where to use unique human capabilities and focus artificial intelligence is the next great business evolution”The Customer Agility Framework ™ provides a way to build upon the unique skills and knowledge in your organisation by optimizing through a new way of working using artificial intelligence, customer (user) experience and agile.

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The Customer Agility Framework ™ defines how to use AI effectively from Insight to Outcome, through the Customer (user), Business and Technical North Star’s to provide decision point information for your whole organisation.


Customer Agility Framework ™ focuses on customer journey based organizational design that own products, services and the way to run and change them though a single software system.

Customer North Star

Defining and evolving the overall goal of the Customer (user) to ensure alignment with their needs, market segment and customer life cycle.

Business North Star

Defining and evolving the overall purpose or goal of the business in line with corporate strategy, standards, regulation and financial planning.

Technical North Star

Defining and evolving the overall purpose or goal of technical in line with corporate strategy, standards, regulation and financial planning.


Accessing and processing data and sifting with artificial intelligence to find opportunities and issues then refining through human unbiased skills to define meaning.


Defining the impact of change upon Brand Equity, Financial Impact, ROI, VFM, CSAT, NPS, ESG, PRI, Market Sentiment, Analyst Community, Shareholders and Customer North Star though real-time oversight

Postive Customer outcomes define success through holistic organisational design

The Customer Agility Framework ™ has been defined as a holistic enterprise transformation system to deliver real-time oversight and intervention capabilities to for both strategic and tactical insights and outcomes for the Customer (user), Business and Technical North Star’s.

Chief Executive Officer

The Customer Agility Framework ™ is designed to ensure that your whole organisation is focused on achieving the CEO’s vision. It supports the CEO by providing a real-time overview of all work in progress and its impact upon the business markets, customers and share value. learn more

Chief Financial Officer

The Customer Agility Framework ™ is designed to ensure a single golden source of data for all activity in an organisation. It supports the CFO to ensure that ROI and value for money can be seen in real-time. learn more

Chief Operating Officer

The Customer Agility Framework ™ is designed to ensure that your whole organisation is implicitly focused on implementing company strategies in daily operations meeting strategic and operational objectives. learn more

Chief Technology / Information Officer

The Customer Agility Framework ™ is designed to ensure the development, engineering and research required to improve the product and service offerings is effective. It also supports a holistic integration of technical skills while eliminating handoffs and blockers. learn more
Insights to Outcomes Customer North Star

Insight to Outcome Customer Agility Framework ™

Insights to Outcomes is a unique function of the Customer Agility Framework ™ and is the central axis of all data systems and interactions involved in it. It focuses all work around attaining the Customer North Star in the first instance, then add the filters of the Business North Star and the Technical North Star to meet their strategies, target and capabilities.


Customer Lifecycle

The Customer Agility Framework ™ supports the attracting and retaining of customers by building customer loyalty and potential customer engagement through facilitating a direct response to customer needs.  The Customer Agility Framework ™ will focus your entire organisation on listening to customers and colleagues in real-time to define the next work to be undertaken.  It will enshrine a flexible way of working that supports an immediate response to changes in your target market, perceptions and opportunities.

Customer Agility Framework ™ Customer Satisfaction
Customer Agility Framework ™ Stand out from the Crowd

Stand out from the Crowd

Be noticeably different and better than your competitors by aligning your flow of work around delivering positive outcomes for customers (users), colleagues, clients, shareholders and your balance sheet.The Customer Agility Framework ™ uses the latest thinking around artificial intelligence and automation to support data driven decision making with real-time insights and oversight for strategy alignment, governance, security, resilience, financial control, prioritisation and regulatory compliance.

Case Studies

The following case studies are the bases of the Customer Agility Framework ™ and cover various new ways of working implimentations going back as far as 2007

Customer Agility Framework ™ AI Banking and Capital Markets

Global Bank HNW and UHNW Customers

This article is about how Work Orchestration was used to  engage with HNW and UHNW customer interactions and sentiment by using AI and User Experience Research to define the Customer North Star for each market segment.

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Customer Agility Framework ™ Telco

Global Telco Company

This article is about how AI was used to gather customer requirements to refine the customer experience, support, facts and questions. This became the primary bases of the Customer Voice becoming the Customer North Star.

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Customer Agility Framework ™ People

United Kingdom Bank

This article is about how an organisational design was focused on the flow of work in order to rapidly eliminate things that caused the slow progress, unpredicatble delivery, huge risks and complex financial, governance processes delaying value delivery.

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Customer Agility Framework ™ ecommerce

E-commerce Company

This article is about how AI generated Facts and Questions were converted into Customer options for alternative purchase pathways, cross selling and establishing a customer lifecycle engagment, for the highest possible basket value on each visit.

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Launching a new Agile Framework takes time to be adopted so we have set up an easy way to do so with Consultancy Services while Training and Certification Services are being set up.

Agile World Consulting

Consulting Services

Over time we will list consultancy providers for the Customer Agility Framework ™. We start with Agile World ® Inc, Wilmington, Delaware, USA which is now owned by Agile World ® Incorporated in California a 501(c)(3) public charity.Agile World ® Consulting is a niche consultancy Incorporated in 2006 involved in creating future proofed companies, businesses and organisations who are fully aligned and therefore engaged with their customers, clients and business ecosystems.

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Agile World Institute ®

Training and Certification Services

The Agile World Institute ® Wilmington, Delaware, USA will be the sole certification register for all Agile World ® educational initiatives including the Customer Agility Framework ™.They are currently working with a number of Training providers to establish Certified Training Courses for the Nine key roles associated with the framework.

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Creative Commons Licence

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This license requires that reusers give credit to the creator. It allows reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, even for commercial purposes. If others remix, adapt, or build upon the material, they must license the modified material under identical terms.
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Please include the following details “Customer Agility Framework ™ by Agile World ® Incorporated, California, C4780724, 501(c)(3)” and a link to both the orginal work the framework and the charity

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Our Awesome Team

The Customer Agility Framework ™ has been put together by a global team of volunteers through Agile World ® Incorporated.

Karl A L Smith


A disruptor and catalyst, polymath,  organisational agility and CX consultant, with 30+ years experience in new ways of working.

Sabrina Noto Co-founder and CEO Customer Agility Framework ™ and Agile World ® Incorporated

Sabrina C E Noto


An agile coach and innovation consultant establishing new ways of working in enterprises.

Walter Jennings


A marcom consultant focused on launching new ventures and establishing market presence.

Dr. Karen Smith


An education management and CPD curriculum creator with 35+ years university teaching and management experience

Kieran Keegan Design Advisor Customer Agility Framework ™

Kieran Keegan


Art Director with over 20 years creative industry experience.

Jon Pearson Co-founder Customer Agility Framework ™

Jon Pearson


Design and innovation leader with 20+ years of experience in Financial Services.

Rob McHarg


Agile Coach aligning teams or organizations with Agile values and concepts in new ways of working.

Carla Krieger


A lean and agile coach, listed in LIA100 woman, exploring new ways of working.

Cynthia Kahn


Coach who applies agile principles to help clients focus on what’s important, track accomplishments and achieve their business goals.

Adam Scoot Co-founder Customer Agility Framework ™

Adam Scoot


Helping organisations improve the flow of Idea to Value.

Craig Cockburn


An agile coach and critical thinking practitioner with 30+ years experience of leading disruption, cultural and digital change.

Anthony Christensen Co-founder Customer Agility Framework ™

Anthony Christensen


An organisational agility consultant and executive advisor in new ways of working.

Jagbir Sandhu Co-founder Customer Agility Framework ™

Jagbir Sandhu


C-suite agility transformation consultant with big picture experience in strategy, transformation and architecture.

Kelle Link Co-founder Customer Agility Framework ™

Kelle Link


Organisational transformation, business and service design principal.

Minaxi Punjabi

Minaxi Punjabi


As a passionate Human-Centric Leadership Practitioner, I merge neuroscience and anthropology with individuals, teams, and organizational systems, to deliver value.

Co-founder Customer Agility Framework ™

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Updates on Events and Meeting about the Customer Agility Framework ™ and Agile World Institute ® Certification

Insights to Outcomes Customer North Star

Insights to Outcomes Customer Agility Framework ™

Insights to Outcomes is a unique function of the Customer Agility Framework ™ and is the central axis of all data systems and interactions involved in it. It focuses all[…]

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Customer Agility Framework ™ Logo

Soft Launch of Customer Agility Framework ™ Announced

The Customer Agility Framework ™ will become available at  9am UCT+0 on the 29th of September 2023. The Customer Agility Framework ™ is anew and better way of working The Customer[…]

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September 13, 2023 0

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